Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back from Shanghai and Hangzhou

Hi guys i am back from Shanghai. This is my second trip to China since i was very very young. I went to Beijing before and now after so many years I visited Shanghai. China changed alot, i have seen much improvements. The people there in Shanghai are kind of friendly generaly, though lots of rude people with bad habits are still being seen"no offence". It will take some years to maybe change the habits of these people.

HangZhou is about an hour plus from Shanghai via train. Surrounded by historical buildings and beautiful nature, Hangzhou is a place where you can sit down and relex. compared to the ultra busy city like Shanghai.

My purpose for this trip is to see if It will be ok for me to live and work there in Shanghai. My family and my employer is giving me a go if I want to, the decision is all up to me now. I still cant decide if i want to and I am giving myself a little more time to think.

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