Monday, March 30, 2009

Alright, my tripod is Fixed but mom is sick..

Ok i managed to get my tripod fixed.. i am thinking of switching brand to manfrotto.

My mom has not been feeling well for weeks. She manage to get better last 2 days about but today she got ill again. I cooked some porridge before i went to send my tripod for repair. I burned the pot and now the base of the pot is black :X. The porridge is fine. After i got my tripod fixed i went for alttle walk as i am feeling stressed out at City Link and Sun Tec. I visited those koeis in Suntec and sat near the fountain of wealth, I saw an aunty using an empty bottle and filling it up with the fountain water while walking the normal 3 rounds, i wonder if shes allowed to do so.I also came across a video shoot in an indian restaurant. After alittle rest i went for my dinner at mc donalds. I went back home after dinner. When i got back my mom was awake already. She also ate the porridge i prepared. She went back to sleep after few hours.

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