Sunday, May 17, 2009

Photoshoot for Angela Xu & Veron Shen

Recently i have a photoshoot with Angela and Veron before they return back home to their country. For the fashion styling Raisa was part of it, make up was done by Limay and as usual hair and photography was done by me. Thank you all of you guys i hope you guys like the photos. All the best back home and keep in contact ^-^

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Photoshoot for goblinmarket's blog shop

Hey, recently i helped a blog shop name goblinmarket for a photoshoot. Here are some of my favourite shots. Its hard work but I love it. Thank you Limay (Aka Joyce) and Raisa for your help as well.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chingay 2009 Photos

This hunk took a dustbin flip it to the side and stand on it just to catch some actions.
Girl giving some final touches before the show ^-^

mom's finally well/Uploading some photos i took

My mom was unwell for more than 3 weeks. Now finally she is ok. I will be uploading some photos i took maybe tonight :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Alright, my tripod is Fixed but mom is sick..

Ok i managed to get my tripod fixed.. i am thinking of switching brand to manfrotto.

My mom has not been feeling well for weeks. She manage to get better last 2 days about but today she got ill again. I cooked some porridge before i went to send my tripod for repair. I burned the pot and now the base of the pot is black :X. The porridge is fine. After i got my tripod fixed i went for alttle walk as i am feeling stressed out at City Link and Sun Tec. I visited those koeis in Suntec and sat near the fountain of wealth, I saw an aunty using an empty bottle and filling it up with the fountain water while walking the normal 3 rounds, i wonder if shes allowed to do so.I also came across a video shoot in an indian restaurant. After alittle rest i went for my dinner at mc donalds. I went back home after dinner. When i got back my mom was awake already. She also ate the porridge i prepared. She went back to sleep after few hours.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My tripod is spoiled

My tripod has been spoiled by Jordan, Ivan's friend yesterday at his grad show. I am very sad and i hope that it can be fixed as i am going to send it back to the shop. I hope for the very best. Its too expensive to get a new one.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back from Shanghai and Hangzhou

Hi guys i am back from Shanghai. This is my second trip to China since i was very very young. I went to Beijing before and now after so many years I visited Shanghai. China changed alot, i have seen much improvements. The people there in Shanghai are kind of friendly generaly, though lots of rude people with bad habits are still being seen"no offence". It will take some years to maybe change the habits of these people.

HangZhou is about an hour plus from Shanghai via train. Surrounded by historical buildings and beautiful nature, Hangzhou is a place where you can sit down and relex. compared to the ultra busy city like Shanghai.

My purpose for this trip is to see if It will be ok for me to live and work there in Shanghai. My family and my employer is giving me a go if I want to, the decision is all up to me now. I still cant decide if i want to and I am giving myself a little more time to think.

Friday, March 13, 2009


All services that i offer will be put be put to the end. I will not be offering any services from today as i will be leaving overseas soon. Thank you so much ^-^
Updated on (26/ May/2009)

Hair Cut service

Ok people, I am now offering FREE hair cut ! for first visits yes FREE. You do not need to pay anything (I am unemployed at the moment so, tips are welcome hope you understand). I am a graduate from Toni & Guy Academy London 34 weeks Beginners course, Toni & Guy Academy London 6 weeks Future Classic Course and Vidal Sassoon London Classics. I worked for Toni & Guy London and Singapore before. I am now doing free hair cuts before leaving Singapore.

To get your hair cut please contact me via email or phone.

Before any hair cut, i will have a consultation with you. Please do not be offended if I decide not to cut your hair if I find it not suitable for you. All hair cuts includes wash, cut, blowdry and finishing. The duration of the cut might take up to and hour plus depending on how long the consulatation is etc and I have no assistants serving me.

Price for hair cuts

s$15 all lengths
s$10 Students all lengths
(Show your student pass to get this price)


I will be using a salon near Chinese Garden Mrt.

Appointment based salon. Usually open only on Fri and Sats.

Thanks malcolm or maL for short


Toni & Guy London sothern awards night - Highly commended Junior 2007-2008(Best Junior).
Did hair for Power Jam 2008 @ Zouk .
Did hair for King Kong Jane 2008 for Lime magazine 2008 .
Did all the models hair for NTU's Touch of the heart Pageant charity event @ Jurong Point 2008.
Did all the models hair for NTU's Touch of the heart Pageant photoshoot 2008.
Did hair for Miss Singapore Universe 2009.


Q: Its my first time visiting you, so is the hair cut really for free?

A: Yes, i give free hair cuts for first visits.

Q: I like your cut and I want to return, do i still get a free hair cut?

A: You have to pay if you decide to return after your first cut.

Photography Services

I am available for photography services as well. I charge depending on assignments. Free hair styling and photography can be discussed. My services is great for people on a buget!.

malcolm @
hp: 98623317

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shanghai here i come

I will be leaving to Shanghai today. Will be back in about a week. Hope to buy some photography equipments there.